onsdag den 20. juni 2012

The last days

I am no longer a Moorestown High School student. I am almost not an exchangestudent anymore. Soon i wont be the "foreign girl" og simply just known by the name "Denmark". Soon i will be home. Soon i will leave all my amazing american friends. I could keep on going, but i think you all got the point. I'm in the middle of my last days as an exchangestudent and it's extremely bittersweet. I cant believe that i'm actually gonna see my family in nothing but 4 days after being away from them for 10 months, and I cant believe that I'm going home to my beloved native country of Denmark. I can't describe how excited I am, and how happy the thought makes me. At the same time, i can't believe that I have to leave all the absolutly amazing people and moorestown and all of my new american friends. This year has been a rollercoaster, but definitly one of my all time favourite rides ever. I'm forever gratefull for the people who made this experience possible for me, and for the people who made this year what it has been for me. I knew already from the beginning that I just needed to come back, which is why I'll be back in Moorestown already october 2012. I hope to see all of you! To the MHS students who read this - I hope you will have an amazing summer, and that you wont forget about me! Even if I didnt really talk to you, you are all a part of my American dream! I'll never forget about you guys, and i cant wait to see you again sometime soon. And if you have any comments for me or my blog or anything you are more than welcome to post them in the comment section :-)

My last days I have spend on saying goodbye to people and attend graduation parties etc. etc. - so here is just some random pictures from the last couple of days. And as that say - "Exchange is'nt a year in your life, it's a life in a year"

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