mandag den 24. september 2012

My first vlog! :-)

So i decided to make a vlog about my thoughts on my exchange-year so .. take a look :)

søndag den 9. september 2012

Dear everyone, Part II

Some of you might have seen me walking around Moorestown, and thought - "what is that girl doing? walking?! Oh shes the new girl! Thats so weird .." Or at least something like that, haha. The truth is. I walked because that was one of my only ways to feel free. I was i charge of where I wanted to walk, how long i wanted to walk and for how long time. I could easily feel trapped just laying in my room, or being in school or something - not because people where mean, not nice or anything like that, but just because people had a different way to live form what i was used to. So i walked. You should try it some day - turn on the music, start walking with no limits, and just feel alive.

I cant believe that all my friends who were seniors are not there anymore. Well you probably still live in Moorestown when you are home from college, but you wont be there when I come back, so just everyone from the class of 2012 - thank you for being you :)

This last year, has been amazing in every way. I stayed at loving, warm family - got some AMAZING new friends, and experienced so much more than I could ever imagine. I think I have written about that before, but now when im finally blogging and reflecting, I think it needs a spot in my post. I went to New York, California, Ohio, Philly, The shore and so many amazing places! I got to experience pep rally, prom, valentine, halloween, MHS musical and so many more so american things, that I would never ever have got to experience it if had not been for my exchange.

This blog is like my life. My life in that way, that my exchange year was like a life in a year, and this blog and the memories is what I have left. Read through the blog, and you'll get to know me.

I often wonder if I did enough - enough for people to care. Enough for people to remember me. Do you guys still talk about me? Still think about me? Still care? I mean, I cant make you - but if you do, that means I must have done something right, right? At least I hope you do ... that would be amazing, but at least I do about you :)

Sorry I might seem like very emotional or something like that, but it's actually really hard. Harder than I expected. Not that I walk around sad all the time cause I dont, because most of the time all the memories makes me smile. But it scares me to think about that its over. Im scared that i'll slowly forget the experiences. The small everyday things I did and saw. The faces. The names. That right there - scares the hell out of me.

Anna. Zara. Gianna. Tina. Bri. Valeria. Brittany. Rachel & Rachel & Rachel. Carly. Natalie. Pat & Pat. Allie. Lauren. Brett. Zach & Zach. Emily & Emily. Konsta. Jack. Emma & Emma. NaNa. Alex. Steven. Nicole. Shannon. Alexandra. Timmy. Amanda. Dave. Delaney. Haley. John. Mary. Jessica. Pete. Gracie. Sharyn. Zee. Krista. Amy. Sydney. Kayla. Margaret. Arianna. Anthony. Mariah, Austin. Jess & Jess. Brandon. Ashley. - now when im 90, i'll still remember every single name, haha. And SO sorry to the people I might forgot, but common for all these names and the people behind those names are that you all in some way affected my year (in a good way). Some of you I talked more to than others, some I didnt know for long, some I didnt talk to anymore in the end of my stay, some I didnt really get to say goodbye to, some were my best friends, but you all made me smile and made me feel like i fitted in in some way and in some point of my year. So thank you for that! It means a lot and cant wait to see you all again :)

To be continued ..

Dear everyone,

Sorry my blog has been so silent since my last post. It's really really hard for me to accept that my exchange is over, and it feels like that the blog is and was my only way to keep it going, and keep all the experiences etc. Coming home was amazing to me, and seeing my family and friends again was just like a dream. On the other hand, seeing my family and Denmark again was also the official ending of another dream - my exchange year. It's was hard to take in everything, and it absolutely still is. All the memories and people that now only "was". I mean .. they are all of course still in my head, but its not the same as living in it. I remember so many small details, but it feels like it was only a dream. Luckily I have a lot of pictures and videos from the year, and i'm serious when I say that theres not one single day passing by where I don't look at some of the pictures, look through my blog, look at some of the videos or just take some time to think about Moorestown. I miss it. I miss it a lot. I especially miss all the people. Even though I didn't get to know everyone, i definitely did my best to talk to as many as possible, and I miss everyone of you.

My life in Denmark is extremely different from my life in Moorestown, and i really learned to appreciate Denmark a lot more after my return home. It was also amazing to finally be able to relax - to not be the new girl in town and knowing where and how to fit in. Its hard to really compare the two lifes, and I wont because that would not be fair - but I definitely love them both.

Im coming back to Moorestown in october, and I cant describe how excited I am. Im gonna see you all again, and this time im bringing my brother. We will only be there for about a week, and I think it's gonna be one of the best and hardest weeks of my life. Im sure you know why it's gonna be of the best ... but its also gonna be one of the worst, because this time im probably, but hopefully not, saying goodbye to most of you. I dont know when and if im coming back to Moorestown - and if I am, if its in time to see my class. Class of 2013. Not that I dont have friends in the other classes .. some of my best friends were class of 2014, but of course my class will always be special. When i left Moorestown in june, I knew that I was coming back in october, so I "only" had to say goodbye to all the seniors I knew, but yea .. this time I dont know, and its gonna be so extremely hard. And its important that you all know how important you are to me. If you were one of my best friends, or one I just saw and smiled at in the hallways - you will always have a very special spot in my heart, and I miss you all so so much.  I will stop this post before it gets to long, but ill definitely try to post some more soon, and after and during my trip to Moorestown in october. And .. if anyone  have a comment, question or anything else, you are more than welcome to comment this post, or contact me on facebook or anything! :)

I attached a video of my return to Denmark - its the video of me seeing my family and friends again for the first time in a year. Very special. Sorry I look like **** - but had been traveling alone for 24 hours.

Bless you all. Love,
Emma Oline "Denmark" Skou