lørdag den 28. januar 2012

Just being myself.

I have chosen to write this post in english - so im sorry if there are some errors! I know there are at least some americans reading my blog, and now everyone can understand! I will keep writing in danish though in other posts - but oh well lets get started :)

This post is about feelings. About thoughts. About emotions. About being an exchange student.

Kindda like a diary.

I lay in my bed in a friday night doing nothing (again). I am kindda tired of it being like that, but it's just hard to be so outgoing all the time. Like you dont wanna be a burden to people you "just" met by asking to hang out all the time, but you also wanna ask them so you can keep up the friendship. It's about finding that good in between, and that can be very hard sometimes. You want people to like you and care about you, but you also want people to at least show sometimes that they actually wanna keep this friendship. Emma on ice.

I tell everyone than i am fine with where I am socially at the moment and that is no lie at all. I am so gratefull for the friends I have here and for the many amazing people i have met. I am so gratefull for the many experiences and opportunites i get here and i believe that after only 5 months in America I stand pretty damn good. I could of course have more and closer friends but is that realistic after this short time - doubt it. Not that it aint gonna happen in the next and last 5 months, which i really hope it will but it is how it is now. With that said - i have some awsome friends here! Miss the partys though haha!

If you are a student at MHS and I dont know you - I would love to do! I dont know who is reading my blog, but apparently you know about me, and yea .. I only have 5 months left here now, and i wanna spend them the best ways possible! And of course meet a lot more new people so anytime just say hi :)

To all the upcoming exchange students - you have to be prepared for feeling lonely. Feeling really sad. But im sure you all know that it aint just gonna be fun all the time. Theres of course something good coming out of it - you really learn to be thankfull and happy with what you've got and what you know. Already theese 5 months have taught me a lot about love and being thankfull and a lot of other things! Denmark is the place for me, but America could definitly end up being the place for you!

Hmm .. this is also really good for me. In Denmark I kindda know my place, i know who my friends are, i know what i can do and cant do - and people know me. Here i dont know anything, and nobody knows me. It's a challenge, but i'm gonna win it and I'm gonna reach goal as a new grown .. teenager haha. Im still gonna be the same Emma, just a upgraded Emma with more knowledge and power to succed with anything i put my mind up to. Not that i didnt have that before but yea ..

Prom is coming up! Or at least for a girl it's already really close haha! Im gonna go dress shopping soon - then all I need is a date .. will come .. will come .. hopefully :)

This post proberbly doesnt make any sense, but i thought it was time for one of theese type of posts.
Just the thoughts going through an exchange students mind. Yeap - theres a lot going on!

Feel free to comment or contact me about anything :)

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where i'm supposed to be
- Emma 

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